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In Trieste, the world capital of coffee for over three centuries, we have passionately continued the journey our father Dionisio embarked on in 1966, endeavouring to spread the culture of high quality espresso coffee. For us, this means guaranteeing coffee that is always at its freshest, the batches drawn solely from the world's prime coffee-growing zones and each single arabica grand cru origin slow-roasted to perfection.


You will choose DODICIGRANCRU: 

to offer a luxurious break to your clients

to be different from the competition

to add to your range an exceptional product

because it is a unique coffee blend

for its outstanding quality

because the 100% arabica coffee beans are selected and roasted to order

because it embodies the charm of the Italian lifestyle

for the design and the high quality of our merchandising

Taste it and YOU will say that is the best Italian coffee


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