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DODICIGRANCRU is the best artisan Italian coffee blend, 100% Arabica Grand Crus, traditional and sophisticated, appreciated by all of those who value premium quality food, born out of the experience of our skilful roasters.

The secrets of the process have been handed down for three generations, and they guarantee the best roasting method, the slow one, where the carefully selected Arabica Grand Cru beans, roasted on demand, have time to undergo the necessary chemical changes to then release the finest aromas. The flavour of the beans is here brought out, giving to DODICIGRANCRU a full and intense body, with a very delicate crema.

That same roasting method which gives the coffee beans the perfect brown colour called "monk's robe".

After the roasting process is done, we cool the coffee beans using the air cooling method, which maintains the high quality of the blend… thus ensuring a better aroma, a better storage and a longest shelf life.