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Jamaica Blue Mountain, Puerto Rico Yauco Selecto
San Domingo Washed AA, Mexico Washed Altura
Honduras Washed SHG, Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB
Salvador Washed SHG, Guatemala Washed SHB
Nicaragua Matagalpa, Brazil Selecto Fino
India Plantaion Peaberry, Ethiopia Washed Sidamo

Imagine: you are lying down on an exotic beach, rocked by the swishing waves, or inside an oriental bazar filled with the aroma of thousand spices, gently touched by a cool breeze in unspoilt and far-off lands, in an African village, sweeped off by tribal rhythms or captured in a sensual embrace by Latin music.

You will be able to do all of this every day: take a deep breath, close your eyes, bring your lips to the cup and take a sip of the best Italian coffee 100% arabica grand cru to pause the world around you.

Freedom is essentially a treasure chest which cannot be opened with muscles , only with the right key.

Italy owes the definition of "Bel Paese" to its ability to value, through careful selection and creative innovation, the excellences of both the boot-shaped peninsula and of the rest of the world.

This is what we mean by Italian lifestyle...

DODICIGRANCRU holds exactly this view: a simphony of flavours and scents coming from far, far away, skilfully blended and gathered in a small cup. A unique experience, whenever you want, making it the best Italian coffee blend.