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We wanted to create the best Italian espresso coffee blend. A coffee that, with its unexpected balance, could please everyone. A small luxury to escape everyday routine and daydream of faraway lands thanks to the aroma of its origins.


Twelve of the best "Coffea Arabica Grand Crus" in the world,
blended with style and skilfully roasted.
In one small cup, coffee at its best


100% Arabica Grand Cru coffee beans


Top quality roasted coffee blend for espresso

Aromatic notes:

Candied orange, tobacco, and Carribean rum

Degree of roasting:


Tasting notes:

Floral fragrances blend harmoniously into refined hints of liquorice. A unique aromatic essence where toasted almonds meld with the alcohol-like hints of Caribbean rum and notes of tobacco. The spicy aftertaste alternates with flavours reminiscent of dark chocolate-coated candied orange peel



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